The American Farm Bureau Federation has appointed farmer and rancher members to the organization’s Young Farmers & Ranchers and Promotion & Education committees.

“Engaging with consumers to build trust and share the story of agriculture is an important part of national program committee work,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “We commend the newly appointed farmer and rancher members for their willingness to serve.”

Duvall announced the appointment of the following members to the YF&R Committee for the 2020-2022 term beginning in March: Jocelyn Anderson, California (tree nuts and row crops); Ben Cagle, Georgia (beef cattle and sheep); Eric and April Castle, Kansas (hogs and chickens); Jon Iverson, Oregon (tulips); Dean and Sara Hutto, South Carolina (corn, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, cotton, bell peppers and broccoli); Kenny and Jamila McFarland, Utah (sweet corn, onions, pumpkins, winter squash and industrial hemp); and Sally Turpin, Wisconsin (dairy consultant).

The YF&R Committee is comprised of 16 positions representing all regions of the U.S. An individual or couple may hold each committee appointment. Committee members are responsible for program planning, which includes the coordination of YF&R competitive events during AFBF’s Annual Convention each January, and the Harvest for All program.

Duvall announced the appointment of Daryn Westergard of Utah (trucking company) to a two-year term on the P&E Committee starting in April 2020. The following members of the P&E Committee were reappointed for two-year terms starting in April 2020: Debra Durheim, Minnesota (crops, sheep and beef cattle); Mary Fischer, Missouri (crops and Angus beef cattle); and Patti Fisher, New York (dairy cattle). Fisher was elected by her peers to serve a two-year term as committee chair in January 2019; Fischer was elected vice chair.